Delta Air Lines’ A220-300 makes its debut at Salt Lake City

Delta Air Lines’ domestic network is operated by both Airbus and Boeing short and medium haul aircraft. The Boeing 737 and Airbus A321 make up most of the short haul fleet. But the Airbus A220 makes a grand entrance at Delta this year. Just like at AirBaltic. The newest type of this aircraft, the Delta A220-300 flies from Salt Lake City starting November. 

Airbus A220 debut

The Airbus A220 debuted early 2020 and received some good reviews from both press and travelers, mainly due to its innovative and comfortable cabin interior. Which actually seems to be true.

According the Delta, the aircraft has a ‘State-of-the-art interior featuring seat-back screens, 2Ku Wi-Fi and personal power outlets’. The A220 is features 100+ seats in total. Including seating for 10+ in First Class, 15 in Delta Comfort+ and the remaining seats in Main Cabin (depending the type). Moreover, the A220 features the widest Main Cabin seats in Delta’s fleet, with a two-by-three layout.

Delta owns two types of A220, namely the A220-100 and A220-300. The main difference between the aircraft is its capacity. The A220-100 has 109 seats. And the Delta A220-330 has 130 seats. The US carrier has high expectations of the A220. The A220 fleet grows to 90+ aircraft over a period of four years.

First Airbus A220 out of paint shop (Source: Delta)
First Airbus A220 out of paint shop (Source: Delta)

Salt Lake City

The Airbus A220’s newest type at Delta, the A220-300, flies from Salt Lake City starting 12 November. Delta however initially planned to start on 10 November. Delta plans to operate the following daily flights from Salt Lake City airport until at least early December:

  • Austin (starting 12 November)
  • Houston (starting 12 November)
  • Sacramento (starting 25 November)
  • San Jose (starting 20 November)