Up To 12% Cash Back (Or 12x Amex Points) With Rakuten

Online shopping portals can be a great way to pick up additional miles & points for purchases you’d make anyway. Just for following a specific link you can earn bonus points or cash back in addition to the rewards you’d earn for credit card spending.

Whenever I make an online purchase I always check to see which shopping portal has the best bonus. Today only, Rakuten is offering an increased bonus on purchases, which stacks nicely with the new member bonus currently available.

Rakuten’s 12% cash back promo

Rakuten, which is one of the largest online shopping portals (and my all around favorite) is offering a bonus today to celebrate National Savings Day (I didn’t realize that was a thing until I saw the mention from Rakuten). You can earn up to 12% cash back with 100+ retailers. These retailers ordinarily offer significantly less return than that, sometimes as little as 1%.

There are all kinds of retailers on this list, from clothing stores, to office supply stores, to department stores, and more.

This is especially great if you’re looking to buy products that have consistent pricing across retailers, as is often the case with cosmetics, perfumes, etc. Getting significant savings for those purchases is something that can otherwise be tough to find.

Earn 12x Amex points instead

12% cash back is awesome, but what’s even better is earning 12x Amex points. Nowadays you can choose to earn Amex points instead of cash back with Rakuten, at the rate of one cent per point.

Personally I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each. To me, earning 12x Amex points is the equivalent of just over 20% back, which is incredible.

The ability to earn Amex points with Rakuten is a game changer for me when it comes to online shopping portals.

See this post for everything you need to know about earning Amex points with Rakuten.

New to Rakuten? 

If you’re new to Rakuten you can register using my link, and then you’ll earn an additional $30 bonus after completing your first purchase of at least $30. This is a limited time bonus. You can even unlock this bonus with a simple gift card purchase, as outlined in this post.

Once you register for your account just change your earnings preference to Amex points, and then you can earn Amex points for all of your purchases.

Bottom line

You can earn 12x Amex points for purchases with all kinds of retailers right now, which is a fantastic deal if you’re looking to make an online purchase. When you combine this with Rakuten’s new member bonus, the deal gets even better.